Dances beneath the oak/tuning and delay

First dance: tuning and delay/duet. A performative study

A new dance emerges on top of the previous one, like an old city on which a new one has been built. Dances beneath the oak is a series of short dances organized in several group formations. Tuning and delay is the first dance of the series.The dance is based on an “emersion” that is channelled into an endless flow, a waterfall. The movement vocabulary is revealed, repeated, retraced. We build up space, we enter each other’s space, we move to move the other, we are restless, we need a break from each other, we cannot stop
Tuning is about entering another’s person space It is about addiction Delay is about catching the traces that someone else leaves behind. It’s like forgetting about oneself
Choreography: Annika Pannitto Dance: Elisa D’Amico and Kenan Dinkelmann
Music advisor: Rodrigo Faina Artistic advisorBruno Listopad
Video/documentationKim Schonewille
Music: 44 duos for two violins by Béla Bartòk



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