A choreographic project on the theme of the production of space


Piazza is a choreographic project that has at its core the investigation on theme of the production of space from the body in motion and the wish to generate the ‘common’, as “not that which we encounter in you, in him, in me but that which occurs, passes, between us”(1). The dance of Piazza is based on a constant shift of focus from the body that makes space through movement and movement as an object itself and a shared property.
Questions immediately arise: how do we define the space of the body? What does it mean to speak of producing space?(2) And what kind of space(s) are we looking at when we produce or watch a dance?
(1) De Bruyne, Paul and Gilien,Pascal “The dismeasure of art. An interview with Paolo Virno” in Being an artist inPost-Fordist times (2012), NAI publishers Rotterdam (p.23)
(2) Lefebvre, Henri The production of space (Wiley-Blackwell, 1974) p.15

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