Annika makes dances and works through and with processes that often result in series.
Annika’s approach to movement doesn’t aim at the generation of meanings but of things of different nature that emerge from motion itself. Those things are mostly invisible objects that also depend on the relations that exist when people meet and share space and time.
Somehow, Annika’s work is made by practice itself, though with different focuses according to the specific project.
Annika does interdisciplinary practical and theoretical research to sustain her vision of choreography as a field of knowledge.
She regularly collaborates with artists from   different disciplines to expand her practice and learn from others’ expertise


Born in Italy in 1981, Annika is a choreographer, dancer and researcher in the field of contemporary choreography. After a brief career as a dancer for other choreographers, she started her own work in 2007 and since then she has been making stage pieces, site specific works and dance films. Annika’s background in ballet has been fundamental for her understanding of technique and the main trigger to discover and study contemporary dance practices, which have inspired and influenced her research of a personal movement and choreographic interest. Her latest pieces Dances Beneath the Oak and the project Piazza are strongly informed by the relation between practical and theoretical research, which she started to develop during the MA of choreography at ArtEZ in Arnhem where she graduated in 2014.  Her work has been hosted in several venues and Festivals in Europe and abroad, as The Rotterdamse Schowburg, Museo Reina Sofia/Madrid, Diskurs ’15/Giessen, Dock 11/Berlin, Santarcangelo Festival, MAK Museum/Wien, Atelier RE.AL/Lisbon and Centro Danza Canal/Madrid.

pic by Andrea Macchia