Meet the choreographer!

Meet the choreographer! is an educational project for kids from 6 years old.
The project wants to present contemporary dance and choreographic practices that, from the post- modern period, have deeply influenced and changed the understanding of dance and choreography.
The title of the project is inspired by the expression “meet the artists”, usually a dialogue in which an artist is invited to share what´s beyond a finished piece.

The approach to the materials is mainly ludic.
We start from a choreographer´s practice to dig into her/his work and get to know the artist, the pieces and the processes behind it, the exercises and practices that each choreographer has developed to get to the final form.

Meet the choreographer! has been in dialogue with the Italian School of Madrid, the Festival Marosi Stromboli (Italy) and soon will be at the young artists program of Dance Italia in Lucca (Italy)

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