A practice of living together

A dance by Annika Pannitto in collaboration with Elisa D’Amico and Kim Schonewille

hospitality still 6

hospitality is a physical practice hospitality is a situation hospitality as a situation hospitality is a physical experience hospitality is time sharing  hospitality is a space that is unpredictable hospitality is autonomy hospitality is exposure of language hospitality is a mobile space hospitality is mastering one’s own home hospitality is negotiation hospitality is ‘convivenza’ hospitality is questioning property unconditional hospitality is impossible hospitality is a spatial matter hospitality is difficult hospitality needs rules and laws hospitality blurs boundaries


supported by
SPAM! Rete per le arti contemporanee, Lucca (Italy)
Residenza artistica Kinkaleri ⎮Spazio K.Prato centro di residenza regionale (Italy)
Project in residency at CDC LOGO Madrid (Spain)