the third table


The Third Table is a piece about things that one sees when things move

Annika: Hi, we are Annika and Julián, we are going to make some moves.
In order to articulate our body, we are also using your gaze, so, please, pay attention.
Julián: First part: Lo tercero. The third
Annika: we want to share something with you that has emerged during our encounters. While we were working on this materials we came to the conclusion that, for us, dance has two main characteristics. One, that it has a very short life. Once it appears in space, it is already gone. Two, that it is invisible.
Moreover, personally when I dance, afterwards I don’t remember anything.
Julián: for me, in a way that I don’t know how to articulate well yet, dance has also to do with love.
Julián: Second part: the objects

A project by Annika Pannitto in collaboration with Julián Pacomio
Light design: Victor Colmenero Mir

Review (ESP) by Oscar Cornago 

The Third Table is part of Ricerca X, an Italian platform for research, discussion and development of choreographic practices