• (Not)knowing: a research on ‘some thing’ in choreography (MA thesis)


(Not) knowing: a research on ‘some thing’ in choreography is a composition of questions, possible answers, thoughts, practices and dances that have constituted the ground of my two-year research for the MA of choreography at ArtEZ in Arnhem. The thesis supports my interest in choreography as the setting up of the conditions that allow the emergence of ‘some thing’ and as a structure that wants to grasp the visible and also less visible movements produced by a body in motion. The notion of ‘some thing’ is in fact the main topic of the thesis and it derives from the one of “something else” by theater scholar Ric Allsopp, whom has extensively written about “the affective something else as ubiquitous but obscure presence in performance in the relationship between latency and composition”(1). The thesis opens a reflection on dance as physical activity through which ‘some thing’ can emerge as a resonance, a space that exceeds the human body, a shared field where movements happen as events that can change or even subvert the existing condition(s) of space and time. Waiting, condition, articulation, emersion (2) and resonance are the key words that constitute the main sections of the thesis.

(1) Ric Allsopp “Something else: on latency and composition” in Inventing futures, ArtEZ press 2013, p.23
(2) Mix of emergence and immersion that indicates a double dynamic: inside-out and outside-in
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