•Table conversation

Interdisciplinary written conversation hosted by Annika Pannitto and Erica Preli

Table Conversation #1 BODY June ’14
Table Conversation #2 CONDITION June’14
Table Conversation #3 ARTICULATION is now out!!!
To request a copy, please contact us at tableconversation16@gmail.com
Table conversation is an exchange of expertise among artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. The project started as a table conversation because this seemed to us to be a concrete image that could introduce the participants and reader to an informal conversation where thoughts, ideas, reflections and questions could find their place. We imagined a round table where we all talked while eating or having a drink, free to leave the table whenever we wanted and come back with thoughts, questions, references and images. Table conversation has not been thought of as a place for definitive answers but more as a space for exchanging knowledge and articulating words/topics that can be never taken for granted.


Made with the support of ArtEZ and Stichting Stokroos


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