This work is the first outcome of the project Piazza and it is presented under different titles
according to the occasion.
Starting from the body in motion, I propose to look at its production of space, and at the physical and mental process necessary for it, particularly focusing on how the space of a dance can be equally
accessible to the producer and the receiver and be shared as a dynamic object of knowledge.
By addressing the relations that emerge during the encounter with the audience, this dance is a means reconfigure the existent 2015-10-07 17.37.02conditions of space and time towards the construction of the ‘common’.”
Choreography, text and drawing Annika Pannitto Music advisor Rodrigo Faina
Realized with the support of the project Culture@Work and Atelier RE.AL in Lisbon. Thanks to Ariella Vidach/DID studio, Angelo Mai and MK, Alessandra Sini, Elisa D’Amico, Marta Sponzilli, Claire Buisson, Elise Nuding
 Performed at: Festival Diskurs/Giessen, Italia Tropici/Rome, Museo Reina Sofia/Madrid, Atelier RE.AL/Lisbon, Festival Uovo/Milan, Piattaforma della Danza Balinese @Festival Internazionale di Santarcangelo, Electro Camp ’16/Venezia







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