Consequential movement (2014)

Consequential movement is the second dance of the series build on the music of Béla Bartók. Consequential movement is a physical practice that sees movement as a chain of events, a waterfall that finds its articulation in the body to spread in space and time. Dance as a frank, clear and readable dramaturgy of movements.
The Sonata for violin used for this dance is a very challenging and complex piece for solo instrument. I am interested in this piece because its different dynamics and registers make it material, as if one could grab it. This dance explores the body’s registers and energetic layers to make music and dance as a stratified dramaturgy that tells the story of an inner condition.
Choreography Annika Pannitto Dance Elisa D’Amico, Coralie Meinguet and Fariza Achoendova Artistic advisor Bruno Listopad Music advisor Rodrigo FainaVideo Kim Schonewille Light design Riccardo Frezza Clothes Christina Brawn and Sonia Assaoui Production and organization Susana Pedrosa Graphics Erica Preli
A production of Annika Pannitto
With the support of Van Beek-Donner Stichting, Re.cre.Che, Dansateliers, Studio De Bakkerij
Première 8th of May 2014 at Rotterdamse Schowburg, Rotterdam (NL)

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