Dittico is two portraits. Two pieces, two stories. It’s Ingrid Berger Myhre and Ijbert Verweij.
It is part of the Portrait series, a choreographic project that it will develop as long as I will meet people that will trigger my curiosity and agree on being portrayed. Portraits as the best way to deeply investigate on a subject and give space to an other self  to emerge, to make the viewer aware of the hidden side of the sitter and enlighten what is invisible at first sight. Portraits as an attempt to frame the multiplicity of what each of us can be. To catch the sitter’s presence, to reveal a secret.
1. Woman with white flag. Portrait of Ingrid.
Ingrid is a sailor. She moves and changes and builds up and destroys. She shares stories but never stays. She must keep on going. 
Choreography  Annika Pannitto Created with and for, danced by Ingrid Berger Myhre Music Rodrigo Faina Light design Emese Csornai
Length: 30′
2.Man moving in space. Portrait of Ijbert.
Choreography Annika Pannitto Made with and for, danced by Ijbert Verweij Sound Rodrigo Faina Light design Emese Csornai
Length 30′
thanks to: Cloud@Danslab, Dansateliers Rotterdam, Muiderpoorttheater, Christina Braun and Sonia Aissaoui