the portrait series

is a choreographic project that I will develop as long as I will meet people that will trigger my curiosity and agree on being portrayed.
I see the portrait as the best way to deeply investigate on a subject and give space to an other self to emerge, to make the viewer aware of the hidden side of the sitter and enlighten what is invisible at first sight.
Portraits as an attempt to frame the multiplicity of what each of us can be.
To catch the sitter’s presence, to reveal a secret.
A portrait aims by definition at two essentials…On the one hand it seeks to bring out whatever it is in which the sitter differs from the rest of humanity and would even differ from himself where he portrayed at a different moment or in a different situation; (…) On the other hand it seeks to bring out whatever the sitter has in common with the rest of humanity and what remains in him regardless of place and time. (…). 
Erwin Panofsky (Shearer West. Portraiture. Oxford hIstory of art) Oxford University press. 2004