annika pannitto/kERAMIk papier

photo: Antonio Ottomanelli

The project involves two research realities, a choreographic one (Annika Pannitto) and one working on the space/lights setting (kERAMIk PAPIER). An absolute space investigating on two directions, crossed by lights, sound and body. The strength of the body as a dramaturgic element follows two different ways: from one hand an uneasy body that almost refuses the rules governing it and on the other hand a body that gets lost in a space without reference points.
This work is about the possibility of the body to lose the space coordinates and go out of control. It’s an attempt of conscience loosing. It’s a surrender after a long fight.
Choreography, dance : Annika Pannitto Space setting/ light design/direction : kERAMIk PAPIER Sound: karas
project realized with the support of Dansateliers/Rotterdam and De.mo Movin’up
finalist at Premio Equilibrio Roma 2009
30/31 july 2011 Festival Inland, Dock11 Berlin
26 february/1 march 2010 SPAZIO PIM- MILANO (IT)
14/17 jan 2010 TEATRO FURIO CAMILLO- Roma (IT) WEST/MIRAGE première
8/9 apr 2009 RIALTOSANTAMBROGIO – Roma (IT)
17/27 march 2009 WEST/MIRAGE DUO second studio 27/29 march 2009 DANSATELIERS – Rotterdam – Netherlands RESIDENCY supported by Muvin’Up e De.Mo
26 feb 2009 WEST/MIRAGE SOLO first studio  TEATRO FONDAMENTA NUOVE, Venezia (IT) Anticorpi Explò- tracce di giovane danza d’autore

Photo: Riccardo Frezza