Noord streamer/ auroraborealis Annika Pannitto/ kERAMIk PAPIER



Noord is the place where everything can be seen. Where the outside world is reflected on windows’.
The project goes on with the research on space as conquered place where rules can be established, which started with the project West /Mirage. After exploring the coordinate West we have chosen to investigate another place and another vision. The starting point is still the research on how a body can live a space, on which emotional and spatial relation can be established with that place and on how much one can influence and modify the other.The space is restricted, movements are contained, actions repeat, calculated.The body tries to adapt and looks for a familiar space, Home.
 Northern light
We have chosen the aurora borealis to talk about the sound and the light of the North. The light as wind that moves through the space and generates new spaces.The aurora as origin/crash between the earth atmosphere and the space not belonging to humans. Air that we cannot breath. The body acts among winds and bands of colour. The movement is invaded by light and sound surrounding its space.The landscape we introduce is changeable; the aurora borealis always appears in different forms.
Project: Annika Pannitto/kERAMIk PAPIER  Choreography: Annika Pannitto  Installation: kERAMIk PAPIER, Elisa Battistutta Lights and space setting: kERAMik PAPIER, Ronald Tol Dance/ material: Annika Pannitto, Ingrid berger Myhre, Kay PatruSound: Elisa Battistutta Video: Paul Sixta Advisor: Annette van Zwoll Guests; Lydia Grétarsdòttir, Evert Van Veen, Nikolas KyndeProduction: Dansateliers. With the support of the project DE.MO Movin’up
12/13 june 2011  PIM spazio scenico MIlano (IT)
26-27-28 march 2011 Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL)
Noord studio version
16 october Vetrina Milano Oltre, Teatro Elfo-Puccini Milan (IT)
27-28 march 2010 Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL)